Our History

Vatandosh (Uzbek for “compatriot”) started as a grass roots organization within the Uzbek diaspora in the U.S. Vatandosh has an extensive network of governmental officials and professional collaborators within the Uzbek world, both abroad and in Uzbekistan.

Vatandosh has taken a lead role in integrating the diaspora community into its local communities, through cultural events, fundraisers, celebrations and educational programs as well as in building bridges into Uzbekistan with other world cultures.

In 2010, for instance, during the Uzbek-Kyrgyz interethnic conflict, the Vatandosh community came together energetically and collected humanitarian aid from across the U.S. That aid was flown to refugees who had escaped the conflict area and settled in camps in Uzbekistan. Our organization published first Uzbek Language newspaper called “Vatandosh” that was printed in US. It has become a leading news source for the Uzbek diaspora.

Vatandosh also organizes Uzbek language schools in America and has become a platform bringing resources to many Uzbek professionals for developing their projects.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan, we have launched a project to reform the orphanage/child welfare system, strengthening foster/kinship care in the country. Our partners at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are providing their expertise in this project.

Vatandosh has unique capacities for working in Uzbekistan, due to its access to the Uzbek diaspora and its ability to translate Western expertise into the Uzbek context necessary to achieve success.