Who is Vatandosh Connect?

Vatandosh Connect connects. We are an Uzbek-diaspora organization based in the Chapel Hill, United States and Tashkent, Uzbekistan. We have connections with the wider Uzbek diaspora in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world, and we call on our connections to support our work.

Our mission is to provide Uzbek citizens and agencies the resources and skills needed to implement transformative solutions to the pressing social, economic, education, and environmental challenges facing Uzbekistan.

We do this in a unique way by putting our extensive network and our depth of professional experience to work in bringing funding and international collaborators to address Uzbekistan’s needs.

Our vision is an Uzbekistan that is self-reliant and connected with the world in ways that are mutually beneficial for Uzbekistan, its neighbors, and the larger world community. We look ahead to the day when Uzbekistan will contribute to the world out of its rich culture and history and receive the best the world has to offer.

Our values are based in respect for the dignity for every human being and the acknowledgement that every individual has a unique contribution to make to his or her community and to the world.

Our work is aims at creating an environment in which every person can flourish: vocationally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and within their relationships.

We celebrate Uzbekistan’s national identity: its culture and history and the wealth it has to offer and its diaspora that bring the richness of Uzbekistan to the world and can provide conduits for bringing the world to Uzbekistan.

We cultivate strategic partnerships that share our commitment to integrity, service, and excellence.