Our Mission

To keep the Uzbek diaspora connected and to bring global resources and expertise to the development of Uzbekistan’s social, economic and educational structures.

Our Vision

Uzbekistan stands at the beginning of a new era in its development. Under the progressive leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, it is facing its challenges in the social, educational, and economic life with openness, accountability, and vigor.

The Uzbek diaspora has an essential role to play in addressing Uzbekistan’s challenges. Uzbekistan citizens throughout the world, and particularly in North America, have access to financial resources and expertise that will be invaluable in strengthening Uzbekistan in the 21st century. Friends and professional colleagues have joined Vatandosh as collaborators, informally or as members of Vatandosh’s Council of Advisors.

Vatandosh is committed to working in the areas of:

  • Poverty reduction through self-empowerment

  • Enhancing life-skills of adolescents and parents

  • Orphanage reform

  • The establishment of a new American University

  • Teaching English in Uzbekistan

Bringing the World to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan to the World.
Vatandosh • Uzbek - American Federation