Board of Directors

Farkhod Sulton, President and Executive Director.
Farkhod is a lawyer with extensive experience Uzbek expatriate community in the United States. He founded the Vatandosh Uzbek-American Federation and served as editor of the organization’s newspaper “Vantandosh”. He has expertise in communications and social media and is also seen a leader in the expatriate community.

Ulugbek Kasimov, Vice President.
Ulugbek trained in English teaching before immigrating to the United States. An independent businessman, he also has extensive nonprofit experience, particularly working with the Uzbek expatriate community in the United States.

Zumrad Ahmedjanova, Treasurer.
Zumrad trained in English teaching. Since immigrating to the United States, she became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, taking her Master’s in Social Work . She brings extensive experience in organizational management to her work on the board.

Karl Bruce, Director.
Karl has extensive knowledge of social work in Uzbekistan and has worked for a number of years in university administration.

Additional Staff:

Edward Schuldt, Director of Operations.
Edward brings 40 years’ experience in non- profit administration and philanthropy to his work at Vatandosh. He is responsible for day-to-day administrative operations, including fund development.

Council of Advisors